Brief Strategic Coaching (published by Open University Press)

5-star review from Coaching at Work magazine

Going beyond the nod and the paraphrase!

A coaching conversation is more than being supportive and understanding. Listening and reflecting are essential but not always sufficient in bringing about practical results. An effective change process goes beyond the nod and the paraphrase. It offers the necessary skillset and mindset for success. It identifies solutions that are maintaining or even causing the very problems you are trying to resolve and changes your ways of resolving your problesm? Learn the process of breaking the pattern and getting unstuck.. the strategic way!


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‘Brief Strategic Coaching’ New Book! (Open University Press) 

I am happy to announce that my new book Brief Strategic Coaching‘ has been released by Open University Press. Read more about the book and the approach by clicking HERE.

How the Solution becomes the problem (Microsoft case study)

A published teaching case that explores how solution to boost performance at Microsoft became a liability. Learn about and understand the brief strategic approach with a real life example..

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The Practitioner Handbook of Team Coaching (Routledge)

My chapter in this  handbook describes a step by step process on breaking faulty solution patterns and replacing them with more effective ones in order to reach a rapid problem resolution.

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Brief Strategic Coaching gets 5 stars!

Honoured to have been given a 5-star review for my book Brief Strategic Coaching featured in Coaching at Work magazine.

Interviewed by Indian psychologist Dr Puja!

Two colleagues talking psychology. Dr Puja is an Indian psychologist running an online mental healt awareness campaign. 

Associate Editor at AC Coaching journal.

Happy to announce my term as Associate Editor of ‘Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice

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