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Are you taking self-protection too far?

Are you being too self-protective? Overprotection comes at a price whether it is directed towards other people or yourself. A while ago, I was shopping at the supermarket and heard a boy pleading his mom to pick him up. He complained of being tired and wanted to be carried. What surprised me was the child’s…
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Traumatic Stress: what to expect

Traumatic events generate strong emotions some of which you may feel for the very first time. You could be experiencing unfamiliar emotions or familiar emotions with an unfamiliar intensity. Even though it is commonplace to experience an array of stress responses in the initial period after a traumatic event, it may frighten you and as…
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The importance of Santa and Christmas childhood memories

Hands off Santa and save Christmas memories!

As Christmas is approaching, children are eagerly waiting for Santa to deliver their coveted gifts. However, there’s an increasing number of adults who insist in revealing the truth about Santa in the name of ‘valuing honesty’. Some of you may have come across ‘expert advice’ claiming that parents should be radically truthful to their children…
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The problem with ‘Never Give Up!’

Most of us, at some point, have been encouraged to not give up no matter what. In face of adversity, we remind ourselves (and are reminded) to keep on going. Persistence is obviously a strength with many benefits – including better chances of success in our goals – and some do need to bring more…
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Panic attacks: 11 questions to better understand your situation

Panic attacks are admittedly intense, scary and remembered long after they are over. I prefer the term ‘panic episodes’ over ‘panic attacks’ as the word ‘attack’ conjures up images and emotions that are far from being calming. A panic episode has: a) physical manifestations, such as palpitations- pounding heart, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, choking…
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Manipulation, Influence and Propaganda Tactics

12 manipulation and propaganda tactics: So you won’t fall prey to them!

Although mass manipulation strategies go back a long time, they have been blatantly overused lately. The only way to be immune to these tactics and render them powerless over you is to be able to detect them while they are in use. So, what are some of the most common manipulation and propaganda tactics? 1.…
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how our reactions determine how we live

How our reactions determine the life we live.

It is important that our life choices are based on our desires. More often than not, our choices are reactive. Intense emotional reactions may lead to decisions that do not truly resonate with us and we may end up in a path that deviates from what we truly desire. How many of us, have at…
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All conversations influence and you can’t avoid it!

Influence is inherent in every communication. Suggestions, both intended and unintended, are present in all our discussions. We send out messages, suggest ideas, intentions, feelings, behaviours and interpretations by various means; by our choice of words or silences, by our voice tone, our speech manner and speed, by our facial and body expressions. We also…
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Why your success can get in the way of success!

I remember when I first started my professional journey more than two decades ago, I had no clients of my own, no reputation and no ongoing contracts. I didn’t have much to lose which made decision making feel much simpler and safer. Among the many barriers to success, there’s one which rarely leaves traces and…
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